Valentine's Day

That dreaded, amazing, nice or awful day is coming up. The day after tomorrow. Lots of people enjoy it, others don't care at all. For some, this day can be hard. But love is something that should be equally important every day.

"If you make love the foundation of your actions, life flows. When you exclude love, life becomes a struggle." (From a text about Loving Practices at chopra.com - why don't you take a look?)

I speak from own experience when I say: I couldn't agree more. Life has been tough at times, and when bitterness and resentment start to take over, and love fades away, everything gets even worse.

Hope is such an essential part of this. To have something to look forward to, something to do that brings joy and loving people who support you. To help others is also a good way to bring more hope to one's life.

"If you feel helpless - help someone." I've heard and read that sentence many times and when said when you're in a really dark place, it's easy to react with anger. "Help someone else?! It's me who needs help!" But it's actually a very true statement: If you feel helpless - help someone, lift another human being. You will feel so much better.

It's the same with hope and love.

I mean, we can never love too much. We can't waste love. Love is always a good idea.

I know it might feel like a waste when we end a relationship. But the love that existed still exists somehow. Even if two people don't love each other anymore, love itself is timeless.

A loving heart is the proof of that. Love will remain in the heart until the day we die, and probably after as well.

So, I just want to wish you a nice Valentine's Day whatever you will do. Celebrate it if you like, in whatever way that suits you, or don't. Just keep loving and doing what you love. Every day.

Lots of love!



Through my entire life, I've been trying to connect with my soul. Not always consciously, but thinking back it's quite obvious to me. I've always been a thinker, an overthinker, overly emotional, sensitive and appreciating being alone, by my self. Listening to music, reading, being out in nature.

Looking for answers. Out in the world, but also inwards.

Music has been especially important to me. The feelings some great lyrics can bring to life, or a special tune.

Today I heard "Release Me" with Oh Laura on the radio. It's been a long time since I heard it before, and now it was like a revelation. Amazing stuff!

For me, this song is incredible and genius:

"I am the wilderness locked in a cage
I am a growing force you kept in place
I am a tree reaching for the sun
Please don't hold me down
Please don't hold me down

I am a rolling wave without the motion
A glass of water longing for the ocean
I am an asphalt flower breaking free but you keep stoppin' me
Release me
Release me

I am the rain that's coming down on you
That you shielded yourself from with a roof
I am the fire burning desperately but you're controlling me
Release me
Release me"

By: Erik Olof Althoff / Nils Johan Carlsson Westfelt

"I am the fire burning desperately but you're controlling me, release me!"

Just wanted to share this with you. That's it for now. Have a great end of the year, a very Merry Christmas! If you don't enjoy the holidays and Christmas time, just hang in there! If you feel alone, know that many people feel alone, even when they are together. It's sad, but human. It will pass. January will come and things will always change.

Bittersweet fact, nothing lasts forever. That's our human condition. So try to be in the present, don't worry too much and do what makes YOU happy!