Take it slowly!

Breathe in, breathe out.
Walk slowly, do things like the dishes slowly.
Feel the pace, one step in front of the other.
Feel the water, the warmth, the glasses and plates.

When everything feels wrong and I'm in a bad mood, one trick is doing everything slowly. It works. The more stressed out I am, the slower I try to do things. If I'm aware. When I'm not, somehow I want to do everything as quickly as possible. To get rid of things. 

But if I'm in a bad mood, and vacuuming the floors quickly, I often get into war with the vacuumer and get even more angry. No, it's better to take it easy.

To get rid of things, chores, doesn't work. They still have to get done, and during that time you have to be there and do them. Are you with me?

If you do it fast, it's over sooner, but at what cost? The bad mood gets worse. You are done, but fucking furious at everything.

No, better take it slowly. Breathe. Do it carefully. And when you're done, you're truly done. You can relax and be in a good mood instead.

I get it if you don't agree, we are all different. But this trick has helped me a lot.

These days, I love doing the dishes. I enjoy transforming the kitchen from a mess to a clean place, slowly and intentionally. I'm there, in the present. Enjoying every minute. And afterwards, I feel so very good. I can enjoy being as lazy as I want to. Or do something fun away from home and come back to a clean kitchen.

Slow down, be present, enjoy.
Stay in balance.

What if I couldn't even enjoy a simple but vital thing as breathing or taking care of stuff at home? Why would I be able to enjoy bigger stuff? Take it slow and be grateful for everything that makes up your life. That's the trick.

I'm practicing every day.

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