Chaos or harmony - it's a battle

Spending time with friends is one of the best cures against anything.
Listening to music too.
Alone time is very important to me as well, but this year (and last year) I've had far too much of that.

Hopefully that's changed now. From now on I will try my best to create a better balance.

But, change is hard. I'll have to be aware. Conscious decisions.

Talking in the phone is better than nothing, it's human contact. But I'm not a phone person, in the sense that I am bad at picking up the phone when I need it the most.

Music can be complicated too. It doesn't always lift me up. It can also do the opposite, it depends.

Someone's said that music makes you forget everything or remember everything... In harmony with myself, I think music makes me enjoy the moment, live in the present. That is the best feeling.

Same feeling when you're laughing hard with a good friend.

Being fully relaxed in the moment, regardless of me being with other people or by myself, regardless of the situation - that is the goal. Relax, create balance, harmony.

To enjoy life while it's happening, not in the past or the future. For real, not in the head.

Being able to control how I react to my own thoughts. Thoughts come and go. They are not the truth.

Meditation is a powerful tool in all this. Unfortunately, I have experienced some difficulties in my meditation practice. It gets a bit too much of "I'm one with the universe", which is a bad idea for me. It feels so very strong, emotionally. Too strong of a emotion can be tough to deal with. Especially alone.

Well, I'm quite fine here and now. I'll keep on taking it day by day. Plan some stuff, and let some other stuff be spontaneous. That works best for me. If I plan too much, I easily get stressed out.


One more time: balance.

Enjoy summer, everybody!

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