30 lives a week

It's been a while since I last wrote about suicide. If you can't handle this subject, stop reading now, but everyone should try. (I'm not suicidal by the way, I feel more educational!) For me, it's so very important to try to get people to talk about it. No one ever does. People with dark thoughts feel even more lonely and desperate, because they feel they have no one to talk to. Remember that.

That said, I know it's hard to hear someone who is silent. But, if someone close to you, who usually talks and laughs and participates starts to withdraw - maybe you could ask "how are you?". And actually listen to the answer.

The biggest problem is just that, we are so bad at listening to each other. Cowards, to be honest.

The fear of stepping on someone's toes, to make a fool of yourself or whatever. But isn't it better to do that, instead of letting someone drown in their own darkness?

How are you?
Is everything ok?

Are you busy living your life?
Are you enjoying it?

Do you need a friend?
Please, give me a hug!

If I hug you, I get a hug at the same time.

The power of someone touching you.
Hold my hand.

Yeah, there are a lot of simple but great stuff humans can do to make each other feel better.

I've recently watched "30 liv i veckan", a three-episode documentary about suicide in Sweden. 30 lives every week, almost 1 600 suicides a year. (Someone mentioned the number one million suicides in the world a year.) It's on svtplay.se if you are in Sweden, I don't know if it's available in other countries.

The documentary made me think a lot, since I have some history when it comes to struggling with suicidal thoughts and also have a few attempts behind me (9-10 years back).

What can we do to stop suicide from happening?

Why does someone take his/her own life?

Well, I can't fully answer those questions but I think everyone should take a moment to think about them. I do know how it felt for me, when I was at that dark place and didn't want to stay in this world anymore. I can explain in detail, I will never forget. (I've blogged about it earlier.)

Or maybe I will forget, someday when I'm so happy and the darkness is only a vague memory...

I hope so.

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