Dreams about the wilderness

It's a whole big exciting world out there. There's also a whole big exciting world within. When money is lacking to take that trip to America or Africa or Australia it's free of charge to go exploring your internal universe. Meditating is amazing.

Yesterday, I was complaining about how bored I was. Funny thing, just seconds after I'd finished writing the blogpost my phone rang. A friend of mine called to ask if I wanted to tag along to this art exhibition and lecture.

Wild animals. Photography. Amazing stories from exotic places. What a Sunday afternoon!

It's probably good to be bored sometimes, to truly appreciate the really great things in life!

What I find so rewarding about meditating, is that I don't get restless or anxious. With all this free time I've got right now, instead I'm calm and quite balanced. Even though I do get bored, I don't pull my hair off or go crazy climbing the walls. I keep breathing and do one thing at the time.

Meditating and keeping calm. Great, awesome stuff!

Exploring the internal universe is exciting but I do dream about travelling the world too. I need a job (or a rich husband) to save money and then I will start making more dreams come true.

I need money, to be blunt. I need to ask for money. Ask and receive, remember?!

What dream are you working on right now?

Ask and receive!

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