Sunshine in my pocket

I was out for a walk early this Saturday morning. Had a good night's sleep and was well rested. The sun was shining, the sky was blue and the air crispy. A bit cold though, the fall is here, but the sunshine was warming my face and body. A bit of a cold wind. A great walk all in all.

I can't decide if a prefer the use of fall or autumn - it doesn't really matter I guess. The third season is here, no matter what we call it. It's still a lovely time in front of us, all them beautiful colours and chances of many morning walks and runs and being outdoors.

Before the awful winter comes.

Yes, it's a great idea to be outside and collect sunshine and put in the pockets. As much as possible.

Sunshine and light are needed against the darkness. The darkness outside and within. My darkness is starting to wake, I can feel it. Tiny moments of anxiety. Moments of emptiness and feeling worthless.

I am alone, nobody wants me.

But then again, I feel strong and I enjoy being by myself.

Ups and downs. The thing is to keep busy, to do stuff. Don't overthink or analyze too much.

Collect sunshine and friendly hugs.

Have a good weekend!

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