Love the process!

Yes, I'm loving it even though I might have sounded a teeny little bit sarcastic yesterday. Sorry about that. But it's allowed to be disappointed at times. All feelings have their own powers and disadvantages.

What process? Well, the process. My life. What's going on. Hours and hours of breathing, thinking, talking, being, existing. And so on.

The process at hand is me trying to get a job, or something similar to a job. I was promised a place at a very interesting company, but they suddenly went very quiet. I was supposed to start there August 15th. That's exactly 15 days ago now.

That's fine! There will probably be a better solution to this in the end. Maybe I'll find myself at at proper job with proper pay instead. Don't fear destiny, embrace it!!

Proper job, proper pay? Yeah, like everyone wants it to be. That promised place doesn't pay shit! So why go there for free, kind of?! Well, I do need the training, since I've been off the market for so many years because of my mentall illness and all the stuff that has happened.

Practise makes perfect (or something like that).
I don't intend to ever aim for perfection but I want to be able to do my hours, always be on time and actually do the work I'm supposed to.

Makes sense?

Work - get paid - fulfill my dreams!

Makes sense to me.

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