Dream a little dream

"You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream".
C.S. Lewis

Remember that, think about that! Live your life like that!

I've been a bit stressed about my age lately. I will be 38 years (young) very soon. 38! Getting closer to 40. As a woman, single and with no children of course there is the biological clock side of things. Will I even be able to have any? Do I want to?

It's hard to know what I want. I love kids. But first of all I want to meet a good man. I'm longing for the one! When this happens, I guess we have to decide together.

If I'm too old to have my own children, when the day comes, I guess I will have to set another goal and dream a new dream instead. As long as I live a good life, I'll be fine.

I want to travel the world, I want to live in America, I want to learn so many things and meet new people. There are so much to discover in life. When some things aren't possible, other doors will open. I believe that!

We'll see what happens. One day at a time. But goals and dreams, people, goals and dreams! You gotta have them!

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