Camp Maria 2016

I was supposed to be in Malibu now. Should have been there. Next time...
It's not the rain, it will stop eventually. It's the people, the events, the band...
Yes, right now I could have been engaging in a conversation with Tomo or Shannon. Or Jared...

Camp Mars Malibu 2016.

Camp Maria Gothenburg 2016.

My camp takes place in my apartment, it's raining outside and the Olympics is on TV. It's not too bad I guess. I'm dry and warm (would have probably been in Malibu too) and I've had a great summer (good memories, no complaints). It's easy enough to put on some tunes with Thirty Seconds to Mars and pretend I'm surrounded by people who also love the band. But Sweden is playing the Netherlands in handball and it's quite exciting.

Camp Sweden versus Camp Mars, I'll put Mars on hold for a while. Turns out it's better to be in the moment, and my moment is at home in the sofa in front of the TV. I would rather be in Malibu, but I'm not.

Camp Mars 2017, here I come! Start planning and saving up and it could happen.

Wanna come?

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