Bye bye summertime

Last day of August, lights out. Literally. I can't believe it's already dark outside. The time is nine o'clock BEEP. And it's all downhill from here on.

Here comes the fall. Autumn is not my favourite part of the year (surprise!), but it's always really beautiful in the beginning. All them colours and the fresh air and... yeah that's about it. Dear old Sweden, why would I ever want to leave you.

I don't like the darkness.

The darkness during fall and winter scares me. I'm not afraid of the dark - but the darkness kind of throws me off balance and I never know what the fuck will happen with me.

Last year was fine, nothing bad happened. This year I will be in charge of myself too.

But still... No, I will not let fear in! I'm to wise, to old, to experienced to let the darkness rule me. Please, let that be true!

I don't dare to be negative. The law of attraction will only give me more, if I let negativity in. I need to stay positive and embrace life, although autumn means early evenings, lots of darkness and rain and storms. Please, throw in a boyfriend in the equation - in need of hugging!

Hugging and to be close, in body and mind. That on-going conversation my soul craves.

Darkness, sunshine, moonlight, stars and clouds. With you, it wouldn't matter.

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