The Law of Attraction

You've probably heard about it. Some love it, others deny it. The Secret is that if you really do believe it, it will become true. Simple as that. Goals, dreams - nothing is impossible.

The universe will give you what you want, if you send out the right signals. If you are negative and think negative thoughts, you will get more of that. The trick is to think about what you want and also feel good about it. You have to feel as you've already got what you're dreaming about.

So it's simple but not easy. For me, I mean, I'm used to feeling anxiety, being depressed and even suicidal. My mind and body know those thoughts and emotions far to well.

I'm also happy and laugh sometimes. But still, my thoughts are more negative than positive. I've got some work to do, if I'm gonna be able to convince the universe to give me what I want.

I've got to believe it myself.

So what do I want?

That's for me to figure out and be certain about before I can make my move I guess.

But nothing less than lots of love, to meet that guy who gets me, to share my life with him, to find a special place to call our home.

I've just started to read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. The ideas in it are old and comes from different sources. It's nothing weird, I find it very logical and true, the Law of Attraction.

It's up to me to attract what I want in my life and it doesn't have to be hard work according to The Secret. We'll see. It sounds like hard work to me, to be able to think right and always feel good, be kind, loving. I always try but the negative shit is there too.

To the Swedish people reading this: Glad Midsommar!

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