The Hangover

Throwing up is discusting.
Throwing up in someone else's toilet than your own is even worse.

Waking up hungover after a night of throwing up is hell.

The worst part is that it is your own fault. You can't blame anyone else but yourself. You just want to disappear, avoid all human contact and just crash and burn within the walls of your own home.

"Beam me up, Scotty!"

No no, you have to drag your ass home, one way or another. Aching head and raging nausea.

So before the sweetness of being home in your very own starship is even within reach, you must leave the current place you're in. Other awake human beings to handle. You can't tell them to fuck off, because it's their home and that would be kind of rude. They did you nothing wrong, apart from drinking with you the day before.

But you have to say something.

Out comes...

Nothing good.

Is there anybody out there who is capable of being hungover without feeling sorry for themselves?
Why didn't I stop drinking years ago?
And how pathetic isn't it to always ask that last question, every single time...

"Why do you have to drink so much?" I don't know. I really don't. And I don't, not every time.
I'm not constantly drunk and hungover. It happens. Now and then.

Shall I stop drinking?
Shall I stop hanging out with people who drink?

Discussing drinking habits aren't always that easy, or even welcome.

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