Hello, it's me

I'm still around to kick ass.
Feeling much better.
Enjoying my pink sofa.

The laptop is truly a lap top.

I'm really too sleepy to write.
But I felt like I should tell you that I'm not sad.

I can't promise I won't be again at some point.
Rather the opposite.
I will be sad.

And I will survive.

As long as we take good care of each other, everything will be fine.
In the end, love and friendship is all that matters.

Mental illness is hell. But it's possible to live with it.
Every day that goes by makes me stronger.
Every day I decide to take the fight.

Just breathe and smile through the tears.

Never lose sight of hope.
Remember, we are all one!

I'm an expert on rising walls around me and I'm really trying to put them down and let you in.
That's my fight.
I'm not alone and neither are you!

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