What sunshine and some beer can do

I've been doing some arty stuff today. Pretty cool things, expecially for being me. I am an educated journalist, had a job at a radio station for a few years. Other kinds of creative engagements haven't really been an option.

Now I'm doing land art, pancake art, using needle and thread - daily. Well I'm exagerating a little bit, but not that much.

Gyllenkroken, my work to be, is all about creativity. People are playing the guitar and singing in every corner, bands are rehearsing in the studio, films are being edited, papers produced and so on. I'm thrilled, and getting even more thrilled day efter day I spend within those walls.

Gyllenkroken. In English it would be translated "The Golden Hook".

It's been a golden day. I had the opportunity to "play artist" again, making art of pancake dough on curtain cloth, using only my fingers. I was outside, in the sun, focusing on different patterns. It was all about the process of creativity. How wonderful an experience, so rewarding!

After work I gathered some friends for a real "after work", having beer and wine outdoors, at a hotel in central Göteborg. People (mostly tourists I guess) passing by, music playing and us having a good laugh for a couple of hours. Fantastic how easily golden moments can be created. Simply chilling, talking and laughing over a cold beer.

Thank you life for this day!

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