Respect with a twist

I'm knackered, exhausted, utmattad.
It's been a great, intense, long day.
There's been people, parents, laughter and love.

My body, head, mind are screaming the need for relaxation, resting, sleeping.
I will obey.
In a minute.

Intense, interesting, rewarding discussions at Gyllenkroken. Some persons really've made an impact on me - for that, towards them, I just want to mention how deeply honoured I feel. Just feeling how cool it is, how great an experience being welcomed that way. People at Gyllenkroken. (Not everyone of course, I haven't come to heaven, hanging out with angels.)

Some persons there have come to be extra special to me in such short time. They are actually listening to what I'm saying, they are interested. They really do hear me. Responding, completly and utterly. With warmth, and such ease.

I'd say that is what would be called respect. These amazing persons themselves, understand who I am, what I've been going through, still am and always will be. They get me, know the issues on my mind. Joking and messing with me. That's true respect - with a twist.

Right back at ya!

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